Montana Brittany Club
Montana Brittany Club Fun Trial
Grey Cliffs Ranch
Saturday, February 7, 2009

Field 1(hill):
1st Mark Donovan and Rusty 40 pts
2nd Rodd Richardson and Brandy 39 pts
3rd Todd Breitenfeldt and Meadow 33 pts
4th Alex Nixon and Kate 30 pts
Field 2(pivot):
1st Peter Bakun and Gallatin 46 pts
2nd Mark Donovan and Louie 44 pts
3rd JoAnn Kish and Lucy 38 pts
4th Tana Kradolfer and Revelie 35 pts

Bracing and Information
 Here's the bracing and times from Vice President Tana Kradolfer.  Tana says if you don't like your brace for some reason you can trade with someone, (make sure you inform Tana you have switched).  Please be on time for your brace!  This is a break even trial, your payment of $25 per dog entered covers the cost of the birds and facilities.  Please have either cash or a check made out to the Montana Brittany Club to cover your bill as we will have no ability to accept credit cards.

Please bring your 2008 Montana Hunting License as you will need it to complete the hunting preserve paperwork.  Bring the usual gear you need for a winter hunt, (gun, shells, warm clothing, boots to handle snow, etc).  It will be required everyone wear Hunter Orange for safety reasons, so please pack your blaze orange vest or coat.  We will have the use of a heated shop but everyone will need to bring their own seating, i.e.: folding chair. 

Lunch will be available for a donation of $5.00.  Menu:  Elk chili with fixings, rolls, corn bread, veggies, cookies, bottled water, and coffee.  If this doesn’t sound good to you please feel free to bring a lunch of your choice.

Times and braces:
Field 1:  Brace 1:   9:00AM,  Peter Bukun / Jo Ann Kish
               Brace 2:   9:45AM,  Paul Mickelson / Mark Donovan
               Brace 3:  10:30AM,  Bob Newman / Conrad Kradolfer
               Brace 4:  11:15AM,  Bob Myers / Alex Burks
               Brace 5:  12:00PM, Todd Breitenfeldt / Will Lasater, (puppy)
               Brace 6:  12:45PM, Eric Kaelin / Alex Burks
               Brace 7:  1:30PM,  Sandy Becker / Alex Nixon
               Brace 8:  2:15PM,  JoAnn Kish / Conrad Kradolfer

Field 2:  Brace 1:  9:00AM, Conrad Kradolfer / Bob Newman
               Brace 2:  9:45AM,  Eric Nelson, (puppy) / Sara Davies, (puppy)
               Brace 3:  10:30AM,  JoAnn Kish / Todd Breitenfeldt
               Brace 4:  11:15AM,  Mark Donovan / Peter Bukun
               Brace 5:  12:00PM,  Alex Nixon / JoAnn Kish
               Brace 6:  12:45PM,  Bob Myers / Conrad Kradolfer
               Brace 7:  1:30PM:  Todd Breitenfeldt / Dale Kavulla
               Brace 8:  Bob Myers, (puppy) / Eric Kaelin, (puppy)

Note:  Since this is a fun trial you may use any training aids you wish, i.e.: check cords, e-collars, tracking collars, etc.
    From Bozeman take I 90 to Belgrade and turn south onto Jackrabbit Lane, Highway 85.  Continue south on this road until you reach Four Corners and take a right, (West) onto Highway 84.  Follow Highway 84 until you see the Madison River, (Blacks Ford), and turn right, (North) on Madison River Road.  After 4 ½ miles take a right onto Buffalo Jump Road. It is then about one mile to the ranch entrance where they have a large GCR sign over the entrance.
    If you are coming from the West or Three Forks, MT you exit I 90 at the Logan, MT exit and head south on Buffalo Jump Road, you will have 15 to 17 miles of gravel road and you will see the large GCR sign over the entrance. 
In case you get lost the ranch phone number is 406-285-6512.
See you there!