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Past Meetings, Minutes And Records: 7-24-07

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MTBC July 24th, 2007 meeting minutes:

Minutes of Meeting on 7/24/07 at Whitehall.

Meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. with Todd Breitenfeldt presiding.  Todd, Jan, Sari, Sky Breitenfeldt, Alex Burks, Tana Kradolfer, and Kerry Kammer (cell phone) in attendance.

Motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting as posted by Todd, seconded by Alex.

A club mission statement was discussed and a list created of key ideas to be included.  Using Mission statements borrowed from other Brittany clubs and the list we created Todd will try to incorporate the key points into an appropriate paragraph to be posted on the internet for membership feedback.   

After a brief discussion regarding the memberships section the Montana Brittany Club Constitution and By-laws were adopted as written.

After some discussion about the amount for membership dues it was agreed that the club will start out setting the dues the same as some of the other Brittany Clubs in neighboring states.  It was moved and seconded by Jan and Tana that dues be set at $30 for individual (gets 1 vote)  or $40 for a family membership (gets 2  votes) and for those members interested in being designated as Charter Club Members a Charter Member designation will be available through 12/31/07 for a donation of $200 or the equivalent in goods and /or services.

Election of Officers and Board members:  Since no one volunteered or offered any nominations for officers and directors before the meeting, the officers and directors were nominated and elected by the members present at the meeting.  The board and directors were elected as follows pending acceptance of the position by those not present at the meeting:  Todd Breitenfeldt, President; Tana Kradolfer, Vice President; Eric Kaelin, Secretary; JoAnn Kish or Jan Breitenfeldt, Treasurer; Alex Burks, Eastern region Director; Jack Duffy or David DeCan Western Region Director;  Terry Courtright, Central Region Director. 

The web site was reviewed.  Alex suggested a puppy link be added.  Also, Jan suggested the possibility of a page to display and thank the Charter Members.  Also, a newsletter Coordinator will be needed to produce a quarterly newsletter.   Since the newsletter falls under the duties of the club secretary Eric Kaelin will be asked to produce the newsletter or find a qualified newsletter coordinator.   The quarterly news letter will be emailed to all members and sent to Todd to be posted in the web site.

Steps for obtaining AKC and ABC approval:
Todd will submitted the newly approved Club Constitution and Bylaws to AKC and ABC.

Work will have to begin setting an event calendar for the next 2 years to include the appropriate meetings as per the constitution and show/field events as per AKC.  Tana agreed to begin working on the events calendar with help from Todd.  Some events to be scheduled include the club annual meeting and a field and show fun event for ’08, and a supported entry or specialty and a hunt test for ’09.

Todd will attend the Idaho Brittany Club trial in September and observe how the Idaho Brittany Club and the Idaho Shorthair Club work together for the event so as to gain some info for our own combined event with the Montana Shorthair Club at some point in the future.   All are invited to come along on this trip.

The club checking account will be established in either Whitehall or Bozeman depending on whether Jan or JoAnn accepts the treasurer position.   The club bank account is needed soon since membership applications and dues can now start being accepted since the Constitution and Bylaws have now been accepted.  Members are encouraged to send in membership dues as soon as possible instead of waiting until January because the club needs the money to get going.  As there are no events scheduled for the later half of ’07 the board realizes that these dues are for all intents and purposes a donation to help the club get going.

Insurance for club events won't be purchased until we have the necessary funds.

Trial/event grounds still need to be located and necessary agreements for land use obtained.  This will have to be one of the first tasks for the new board members. Todd has been in contact with the BLM and will try to follow-up on his initial contact.

The new officers and board members will need to continue to pursue members and encourage them to get their membership applications and dues sent in.

Club assets: currently non-existent.  Club will have to rely on equipment borrowed from members until club assets can be accumulated.

French Brittany folks:  Have been contacted and a friendly dialogue started.  At some point perhaps some sort of combined field events could be held with the French Brittany folks in the state.

Next club meeting:  Tuesday, October 16th at True Grit Brits Kennel (Tana and Conrad Kradolfers in Belgrade) at 7:00 p.m..  Meeting Adjourned.

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