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Past Meetings, Minutes And Records: 4-10-07

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April 10, 2007 
Montana Brittany Club

First Meeting of MTBC; April 10, 2007 at Region 3 FWP Conference Room - 7:00 PM

    Nine adults: Tana Kradolfer, JoAnn Kish, Eric Kaelin, Diane Bakun, Peter Bakun, Alex Burks, Jan Breitenfeldt, Alex Nixon, and Todd Breitenfeldt and three youths: Emma Gaineyrichardson, Sari Breitenfeldt, Skye Breitenfeldt, were in attendance at the first MTBC meeting. The meeting started with introductions by all present. Discussion as to why a Brittany Club should be started followed. Many ideas were given by all present as to what they would like to see happen with a new Brittany club.   After much pre-meeting research, and with available American Brittany Club & American Kennel Club literature, Todd Breitenfeldt informed all present as to what the guidelines and requirements were for starting a Brittany club and having ABC/AKC sanctioned events. After further discussion regarding a time line of progress, types of events, funds, insurance, trial grounds, a web site, membership and by-laws, there was a general consensus to establish all goals through the American Brittany Club as opposed to an affiliation with any other established club entities (although a formal vote was not taken).

    Eric Kaelin mentioned the Montana Shorthair Club as a possible “key” to assisting the MTBC in future AKC endeavors, as it would be mutually beneficial to both clubs.

    Tana Kradolfer discussed the future potential of holding ABC/AKC sanctioned events in both the show ring and the field. She also mentioned some of the rewards afforded a local club at these events. Tana and Todd stressed the fact that the Brittany is the only true “duel” breed left, and that the MTBC should be committed to maintaining that standard.

     JoAnn Kish discussed the challenge ahead of the MTBC with regards to funds and expenses. As former Treasurer to the Missouri Headwaters Gun Dog Club, she was able to shed some light on expenses such as insurance (covering firearms, horseback riders and officers), as well as limited income such as membership fees and fund raisers. JoAnn also brought up the point that an affiliation with the MHGDC would provide an alternative “umbrella” to assist with expenses and potentially expedite an AKC charter.

    Alex Burks, from Billings, brought up discussion about the MTBC being a truly statewide club, willing to hold different events all around the state. He also discussed the need to find trial grounds to facilitate the different needs of hunt tests, walking trials and “all age” or horse back trials. After further discussion about youth involvement and state wide membership, the following items were proposed and/or agreed upon:

Todd Breitenfeldt was appointed temporary Club President/Chairman.

Eric Kaelin was appointed Club Secretary.

Tana Kradolfer and JoAnn Kish were charged with putting together a draft of the MTBC by-laws to be reviewed by all future MTBC members.

Jan Breitenfeldt volunteered to put together a potential membership roster and propose a annual membership fee.

Alex Burks and Eric Kaelin volunteered to research potential future trial ground sites.

Todd Breitenfeldt volunteered to start construction of a MTBC web site.

Eric Kaelin was designated to contact Nancy Lane, Chairman of the Montana Shorthair Club, regarding being an “AKC Mentor Club” for MTBC and the AKC Walking Trial in August.

Tana Kradolfer said she would contact Butch Nelson and Fred Overbee regarding the potential support of the French Brittany breeders and owners.

Future business at the next meetings should include:
-Election of Regional Officers
-Use of “Roberts Rules” during meetings
-A vote on by-laws and membership fees
-A list of potential members, phone #s, and e-mails
-Progress reports

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM

A future meeting was tentatively set for Tues. May 8th, 7:00 pm at the FWP conference room.

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