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Past Meetings, Minutes And Records: 12-4-2007

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Minutes of the Montana Brittany Club, 12-04-2007

Members present:  Todd Breitenfeldt, Skye Breitenfeldt, Sari Breitenfeldt, Tana Kradolfer, Conrad Kradolfer, JoAnn Kish, and Alex Burks.

President Todd Breitenfeldt called the meeting to order at 7:27 PM.  A general discussion was opened about the progress the club has made so far.
 Tana Kradolfer noted that the By Laws were completed.

Todd Breitenfeldt told the club he has submitted the application to the state of Montana for our non-profit status but had not heard back yet.

Tana Kradolfer and Joann Kish mentioned that we couldn’t really do much as a club until we secured some liability insurance.  Tana stated that the Board Members would be held responsible for liability if the club didn’t have insurance.

Tana noted that to get the insurance and to order birds for events we need to raise some money.  At that point we all brain stormed on different fund raising ideas, including holding field trails, raffles, training seminars, and perhaps a Corporate Sponsored event for Handicap hunters.

We talked about the number of members in the club so far, Todd said we have the names of about 25 people and about half have sent in their membership dues.  He is holding the money until we gain the non- profit status from the state of Montana.

Alex Burks suggested we do a survey of the 25 or so people to see what activities they are interested in and what they think the club should offer its members.  As a group we came up with ideas for the survey form and the questions we would ask.  We agreed there should be two category’s, what activities are you interested in and what activities would you be willing to lead or help with.  In a nut shell we came up with a list of things under the headings of “Show Events” and “Field Events”.

Alex Burks agreed to put this survey together and e-mail it out to our members and prospective members.  Todd said his wife Jan had the “official” list with the e-mail address and he would send it to Alex .  The plan is to do the questionnaire before the next meeting and see what kind of response we receive.  We will then take a look at the responses and then plan to follow up by phone with people we didn’t hear back from. 

Back on the topic of fund raising, it was suggested that the questionnaire ask whether the members would be willing to sell raffle tickets.  JoAnn and Tana made plans to call on the Bozeman Sportsman Warehouse to see if they would contribute in some way to a fund raising effort for our club and Todd offered to do the same at Bob Ward’s.  Tana is going to investigate the proposed NSTRA trial for Billings and see if it is still a go and if there is some way the MTBC could be involved.

This meeting did not follow formal meeting protocol but was really an open discussion and brainstorming session.  

Plans were made to hold the next meeting at 7:00PM on Tuesday, January 8, 2008 at the Kradolfers home north of Bozeman.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.

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