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It is a goal of the MTBC to promote responsible and ethical Brittany breeding and ownership!

Disclaimer: No guarantees or endorsements regarding the dogs or Brittany breeders listed here are made or inferred.  This is provided purely as an informational service by the Montana Brittany Club.  The Club encourages potential Brittany buyers to thoroughly research the breed, make sure both parents have been screened for hip dysplasia and have passed, ask for references, health history, a puppy contract, guarantees, and, if possible, see both parents.  The MTBC also encourages potential buyers to consider Brittany Rescue.  See also: Breeder and Stud Dog Registry   

All litters listed on this page are bred by MTBC members.  Both Parents have passed OFA and/or PennHIP evaluations for hip dysplasia.  All breeders and litter owners agree to adhere to the American Brittany Club Breeders Code of Ethics and strive to conform to the Breed Standard
Updated Nov., 2019.
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No litters listed at this time.
Some club members do have litters planned for 2020.