Montana Brittany Club August 2018 Field Trial
Directions and Photos
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Directions to Elk Creek Trial Grounds: From Winnett, MT go about 2 miles south on highway 244.  At mile post 22 turn right (west) on King Road (gravel, sometimes called Elk Cr. Rd., no road sign).  Follow the signs ~8 miles to the turn off to the King Ranch (sign says “Joe C. King and Sons”).  Turn left (south) towards King Ranch.  You will be passing through the ranch houses/barns area, drive slowly and follow the signs.  The trial camping area is about 1.5 miles east of the houses/barns area, near Elk Creek.

This is the turn off to Winnett if you are coming from Lewistown/Grass Range and heading east on 200.

The turnoff to hw 244 in Winnett.  Go right (west).  The highway will angle left (south) soon.  In a few miles you will see mile post 22.  The turn off is right after mile post 22.

Facing south.  Here is mile post 22 just two miles south of Winnett.  The turn off is ahead on the right.  We will post small signs at this turn off.  Turn right (west) onto King Road (no road name sign).

Closeup of mile post 22 in hw 244.

Closeup of the turn off to King Rd.  Turn West.

Travel west on King Road for about 7-8 miles until you see the turnoff to: "Joe C. King and Sons" ranch.  Turn south (left) and drive into the main ranch house area that you can see in the trees ahead.

Several views of the guest house that we will be using for some of our cooking.  Many thanks to the King family for this!!

All these photos were taken in the spring of 2018 when it was VERY wet!

We will have small signs here.  Turn left before the guest house and follow the signs through the main ranch complex.  Please travel slowly and carefully through this area!  Camp is about a mile past the ranch complex.
Below are some views of the cover taken on a very wet day this spring.

The tree line is Elk Creek.