Montana Brittany Club Fall 2013 Field Trial Photos.
Page under construction [Sept, 2013], more photos and text to come.  Please email Todd with any corrections.

Fun Photos 1   Photos By Alex  

Open Puppy: Jason Staley w/ Janee, Leslie with Rev, Jeremey King with Penny, George Lutz w/ Willie

AWGD: George Lutz w/ Rhett, Leslie Andreas w/ Diefenbaker,
Shane Anderson w/ Val.

  AmateurAll Age:: Tom White w/ Chip, Margaret Horstmeyer with Franni, (Doug McKenzie absent).

OLGD: Kim Trafton w/ Lady, Manette Jone w/ Dottie, Shane
Anderson w/ Ryder, Ed Tillson w/ Indy.

AAA: Tom w/ Chip, Doug McKenzie w/ Heidi, Margaret w/

OGD, Doug McKenzie and Jack Flash

OAA: George Lutz w/ Sunny, Tom White and Jason Staley
with Vinnie, Margaret Horstmeyer.

Photos above by Todd Breitenfeldt.

OD: Shane Anderson w/ Babe, Jason Staley w/ Jack, Cortnee w/ Jill,  unknown (Jason's Dad?) w/ Roo.
Photos above by Todd Breitenfeldt.